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Schrödinger’s cat in German companies

Or: Why many companies are not a cat, but have a cat condition

Schrödinger’s thought experiment from 1935 has gone down in history. It contrasted an approach from quantum physics with the actually perceptible world. The semi-, almost, not or completely dead cat has also entered popular culture in a simplified – and slightly misappropriated – form. The setup: A cat is locked in a box with an atomic nucleus. The atomic nucleus decays with a probability of 50%. And when it does, it releases toxic gas that kills the cat. Whether the cat is alive or dead is only known when you open the lid and look into the box. From the point of view of quantum physics, it is possible that a system has two different states at the same time up to the point of measurement – so until there the kitten is alive and dead at the same time.

Somehow half-dead cats in everyday business life

This emblematic kitten […]

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Interim managers gaining ground in Austria

In Austria, too, the interim manager industry has been growing steadily in recent years. The reason for this is not restructuring, but above all the ubiquitous change topics that require experienced strategists and implementers.

The Situation of the Interim Manager Market in Austria

In many European countries, interim management has become an integral part of business activity. Germany in particular stands out in an international comparison: the country has now advanced to become the world’s number one interim manager. In Austria, interim management is developing more slowly, but is also becoming an increasingly important management tool. A survey by an interim broker shows that 28% of companies in Austria want to use interim managers (2018). In 2017 it was still 11% – within a single year there was thus an increase of almost two and a half times. 27% of the companies stated that they had already deployed interim managers themselves. Interim management is also establishing itself in Austria. The recently published […]

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How to maximize the benefits of an interim manager in your company

Interim managers are technical and management experts who come to companies on a temporary basis to take on previously defined tasks. Very often these are complex projects – temporary managers are used for special rather than routine tasks. Although the interim managers take care of these tasks on their own responsibility, there are a number of things that companies can do to ensure that a mandate is not simply satisfactory, but inspiring.

The right choice

This starts with the right selection of the interim manager. It doesn’t matter whether you have the mediation carried out by a provider or are looking for the perfect candidate yourself: Make sure that he not only has the right knowledge, skills and experience, but also fits the corporate culture (“cultural fit”).

Good preparation

Keep as much of the important information ready as possible. Starting with organizational charts, company figures, etc., it also makes sense to define in advance why the need arose at all. When it comes to […]

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Interim Executive (EBS) study management goes to Siegfried Lettmann: Interview with Dr. Ing. Jacques Reijniers MBA

Dr. Jacques Reijniers, a veteran of the European interim management scene, leaves the European Business School EBS, where he spent 14 years developing and supporting the university training program for interim managers, which is unique in the German-speaking world. Now he hands over the management of the study to the well-known interim manager Siegfried Lettmann. An interview.

JA: Dr. Reijniers, for 14 years now you have been the head of the “Interim Executives Programme” at the European Business School (EBS) in addition to other teaching activities. This is still the only provider of a certified university programme for interim managers in the entire German-speaking region. What role does EBS play in the interim management market?

Dr. Reijniers: In this respect, EBS assumes three main areas of responsibility. Firstly, the further training of interim managers, then the improvement of the quality of this service and the third area concerns the added value of the interim management service for the contractors.

Our […]

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Siegfried Lettmann takes over the management of studies at the European Business School

Jacques Reijniers, the renowned head of the Interim Executive Program at European Business School (EBS), is retiring from his position at EBS. He hands over the management of the study to the well-known interim manager Siegfried Lettmann.

New Head of Studies of the Interim Executive Programme

After 14 years, Dr.-Ing. Jacques Reijniers hands over the management of the study to the Salzburg interim management expert Siegfried Lettmann. Lettmann takes over a wide range of tasks. First and foremost, the program should continue to evolve. The interim industry must be permanently on the ravages of time in order to be a good partner for the client companies even in the modern economic age with its many and rapid changes. Accordingly, the range of courses must be regularly updated, new topics integrated and the structure improved.

Lettmann was already on board as a consultant for EBS and DDIM representatives during the last major innovation. Lettmann’s membership in the DDIM and the DÖIM also accommodates him […]

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Interim Management Excellence Award

With the Interim Management Excellence Award, the umbrella organisation for German Interim Management (DDIM) is awarding a new prize to promote quality in interim management and increase market transparency through this visible proof of quality. It has now been awarded for the first time to best-practice projects and particularly professional mandates.

The “Interim Management Excellence Award

Although interim management is now recognizably in the middle of the corporate world and it is hard to imagine modern management discourse without it, the market is still somewhat opaque for many companies. Awards are therefore an important signal that makes high-quality interim managers recognisable and thus sets clear signals to the outside world. The “Interim Management Excellence Award” was presented for the first time on 10 November at the 14th annual DDIM Congress in Düsseldorf.

Prizewinner Siegfried Lettmann

“In recognition of an outstanding mandate”, as DDIM CEO Dr. Marei Strack put it, the Interim Manager Siegfried Lettmann from Salzburg received the award. His […]

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Constantinus INTERNATIONAL – Siegfried Lettmann is Austria’s national winner

Award for the world’s best management consultancies: Constantinus International Award

The Constantinus Award, the major consulting and IT prize established in Austria 16 years ago, was presented on October 18, 2018 in Milan for the 8th time in the form of the Constantinus International on a worldwide stage. The best, most innovative and most effective projects from 50 member countries entered the race.

National Champion Austria

Siegfried Lettmann was qualified as the national winner Austria in this competition. With his successfully completed interim management mandate “MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG: Transformation of a sales organisation“.

Constantinus: A success story

The coveted ” industry oscar ” is existing with three different catchment areas. On a national, European and global level, best-practice mandates from consulting firms, interim managers and IT consultants are honoured. The prize, initiated by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), is not only intended to increase the visibility of outstanding projects and providers, but is also seen as an indicator of the […]

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Siegfried Lettmann wins Constantinus Award Austria

Siegfried Lettmann was awarded the Constantinus Award. The interim management professional received an award in the Management and Consulting category for his comprehensive change project for MEIKO, a mechanical engineering company based in Offenburg. The award ceremony took place on June 14, 2018.

Successful change project at machine manufacturer

Every year, Austria’s best consulting and IT projects compete for the prestigious ” industry oscar “. Lettmann’s award goes back to his mandate for the Offenburg-based mechanical engineering specialist MEIKO. The Salzburg-based business development expert was responsible for a large number of change projects at the same time and celebrated enormous success. The assignment has already earned him the title of “Interim Manager of the Year 2018” (DÖIM) and has now continued his triumphal march at Constantinus. Despite his many laurels, Siegfried Lettmann remains modest: “My greatest successes are those of my clients. My goal has always been to provide SMEs with the highest level of up-to-date know-how and […]

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Siegfried Lettmann is Interim Manager of the Year 2018

The Salzburg Interim Manager Siegfried Lettmann has been elected best Interim Manager of the year 2018 by the DÖIM. The award thus joins the growing list of prizes awarded by the business development expert. The reason for the award is the first-class implementation of a complex change project for the Offenburg-based mechanical engineering specialist MEIKO.

Siegfried Lettmann “well-deserved prizewinner”

DÖIM CEO Martin Mayr explains that Siegfried Lettmann is a “well-deserved prizewinner” and that, in addition to the project itself, Lettmann also played a role in the election by representing “genuine interim management” and living the values of the industry. “Personalities like him continue to develop the industry”, confirmed DÖIM board member Robert Eichinger, “Siegfried Lettmann is an outstanding personality among the DÖIM members”. The prize was awarded on 16.3.2018.

Complex challenges mastered

“There is no doubt that this was not an easy project”, as Siegfried Lettmann explains with regard to his winning mandate, “I implemented several parallel change projects for MEIKO at the same […]

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