An Interim Manager for Innovation: Siegfried Lettmann


I transform existing business models or develop entirely new ones, promote innovations, steer their development and advance digitization in sales. I systematically develop customer requirements, identify opportunities based on my extensive experience and open up further potential for my customers through innovation.

Business Models

While business models have always been a core interest for me, change has ensured that the discourse about the optimal business model now takes place on a fairly broad basis – now a central field for innovation. A good and appropriate business model reflects the internal logic of the value creation process and is often a good starting point in change situations. How can the business model be best aligned with the company’s objectives? What needs to be rethought or adapted? In many situations it also makes sense to develop new business models at all. Together with you, I work out the most meaningful possibilities for attractive starting points.

Innovations with an Interim Manager

Digitalization in Sales

The digitalization of sales opens up undreamt-of potentials for companies – internally as well as externally. Unfortunately, many companies focus too much on the technical side of the innovations in this respect. I know from experience that technology is only a means to an end when it comes to digitization. The focus should always be on the people and the organization, because this is where digitization has the greatest impact. New software or hardware systems can only fully unfold their potential if they are accepted and the participants feel a clear profit from the new possibilities. It can also happen that a newly introduced technology becomes a self-runner and thus moves further and further away from the actual corporate strategy. For this reason, it can be very useful to entrust experienced experts with these tasks. We know what to look out for and accompany digitisation processes until they are fully incorporated and can be completed to their best form – and can be regarded as successful innovations.

Innovations with an Interim Manager

Innovation Management

Innovations with an Interim Manager

Innovations are one of the absolutely most important means to stay on the ball entrepreneurially. There are a number of factors to consider here: Questions about innovation management are always also questions about topics such as knowledge management, organizational structure and corporate culture. I support your company in becoming more innovative and creating space for the corresponding possibilities. In addition to experience, overview and creativity, you also need the right methods. It is good that some good methods for promoting innovation have been developed, especially in recent years. These methods are a fixed component of my toolbox and have already proven themselves in many places – also as objects of knowledge transfer. For good and sustainable innovative power, I have already trained appropriate personnel in companies and thus developed permanent innovation assistants. The development of such topic experts can often even be promoted today.

Customer Needs

Innovation with an Interim Manager

As an experienced sales manager and managing director, who has already seen many companies from the inside, I know the problem of customer requirements very well. Without in-depth knowledge, it is often difficult to point out what customers really want. I have established myself here as a good supporter not only because of my extensive range of instruments. The view of an external expert often points out factors that companies have not paid sufficient attention to up to now. Not because they don’t know their customers well enough – the opposite is the case: many companies “know their customers too well”. Often over many years consolidated points of view and opinions obstruct therefore sometimes the view of newly stepped factors or make it more difficult to understand the own customer again. With my support, you can get to know your customers anew, develop new buyer groups or surprise existing customers in a positive way.

Opportunity Identification

The neutral perspective of an external expert also helps to identify opportunities and possibilities for innovation. For various (and understandable) reasons, the main focus in companies is often on avoiding risks. The perception of opportunities, on the other hand, sometimes plays a subordinate role. However, companies do not grow because they avoid risks, but because they see opportunities and take advantage of them. With me as an objective business development expert, you enable your company to explicitly find opportunities. A fresh perspective and precise knowledge of market structures can sometimes work wonders here. Speed also belongs in this context. The company organisation must first be enabled to take rapid steps from time to time. For more in-depth discussions I am at your disposal!

Innovation with an Interim Manager