An Interim Manager for Personnel Development: Siegfried Lettmann - Leadership

Leadership & Mentoring

Leadership as a transfer service: I develop managers, build up innovation managers or accompany their successors – in workshops, as a mentor or in my daily role as an external manager. I transfer experience and knowledge for a successful future.

Executive Management Development

The image of a classic leader is strongly influenced by the demand for absolute knowledge of the subject and the market. Often there is not enough emphasis on the actual leadership competencies. In addition, the increasing density of information makes it increasingly difficult or even impossible to know topics down to the last detail. Nevertheless, many managers are selected mainly on the basis of their professional qualifications. In my mandates I therefore often take care of the development of future or already deployed executives. Technical matters clearly constitute an important anchor point here, but access to management itself is also important. How do new managers gain credibility? How do they fulfil their function as important nodes in the companies? How do you manage to unite staff? With my support, new managers learn in a practical way how they can grow into their new role – experienced managers benefit from the open and neutral exchange.

Personnel development with an Interim Manager - Leadership

Mentoring of Innovation Managers

Personnel development with an Interim Manager - Leadership

In addition to managers, however, it is also more and more often people from the workforce who occupy important junctions. That’s why I also coach innovation managers or take over their leadership. Here, the practical relevance and the provision of all the necessary knowledge on my part are significant advantages for the further development of these innovation managers and assistants. I accompany these people on the job as long as it is necessary. A very good approach here has been personnel development in the course of a concrete innovation situation. The immediate applicability of the knowledge provided by me ensures that the new knowledge consolidates organically and quickly. The coachees thus have a neutral and experienced contact person and learn how to fully integrate into their task.

Succession Support

In principle, this is of course an issue in all companies at regular intervals, but especially in family-run companies the handover to successors, for example in management, is a big issue – often more than necessary. In view of the complex (and at times emotional) situation, it has repeatedly been shown that an objective successor who is not involved in the company policy can make a decisive difference in this phase. Here not only professional but also human factors play a major role. I make sure that the transition phases are as productive as possible. This sometimes includes mediation and/or the internal staging of the change, but also the temporary takeover of the management of the company or individual divisions. In addition, I make sure that important agendas are not overshadowed by other topics and that the company always stays on course even in transition phases.

Personnel development with an interim manager

Transfer of Experience and Knowledge

Personnel development with an interim manager

Particularly in SMEs and family businesses it is not always possible to have all the necessary knowledge and resources in stock due to the lean personnel structure. The result can be that measures are postponed or not addressed at all. As an interim manager, I can help here. Lack of experience and knowledge no longer have to be stumbling blocks. I accompany companies or specific persons and provide the necessary experience, human resources or skills, coach on-the-job and leave the company as soon as the necessary knowledge has been fully transferred. The personnel structure can remain lean, at the same time all important skills can be brought in and incorporated at short notice. Opportunities no longer remain unfulfilled.

Workshops on Business Development

A very valuable measure for finding suitable strategies and processes is the holding of workshops. An important starting point for corporate success in uncertain times is the activation of internal knowledge and internal experience. Such workshops not only provide surprising insights, but sometimes it is also surprising how much knowledge is already available internally. Often, however, this enormous knowledge base must first be activated and made usable. In workshops it quickly pays off to call in neutral moderators. This makes it easier to break out of familiar thought patterns and recognize completely new approaches. As a moderator and neutral business development and organization expert, I am at your disposal to get the most out of your workshops.

Personnel development with an interim manager