Interim Manager in Sales and Marketing

Sales: Markets and Customers

I make sales more efficient, manage growth and lead companies onto the international stage. I develop companies into performance leaders through stringent segment management. I increase profits and yields, develop suitable price and condition systems and build up or expand key account and target group management – all this also in an international environment.

Sales and Growth

As an experienced sales manager, I know how important a good and quick-witted sales force is for the success of a company. Unfortunately, sales is all too often treated as an isolated area. With my interdisciplinary approach I ensure a round and holistic sales strategy that brings sustainable success to your company. Based on the corporate strategy, I support you in increasing market penetration or expanding internationally, take care of pricing policy and much more and thus open up new growth potentials for companies.

Interim Manager in Sales and Marketing

Segment Management

Interim Manager in Sales and Marketing

Differentiation based solely on quality, innovation and service is no longer enough – too many companies communicate this positioning. The way out of the corporate death zone between price and performance leads to performance leadership. This can still be achieved today if customers are divided into segments, the company concentrates on a few segments, and the entire value proposition is aligned to these customer segments. That’s where I’m going with you.


Part of my work is aimed at creating greater customer proximity. Of course, this also applies to a stringent strategy for managing key accounts. I set up key account management structures and train key account managers in meaningful processes and methods. Especially for these important customers, it is necessary for key account management and the decentralised market organisation to work hand in hand. Sometimes there is a need for optimisation, e.g. by establishing a suitable coordination committee to ensure smooth processes.

Interim Manager in Sales and Marketing