Jacques Reijniers, the renowned head of the Interim Executive Program at European Business School (EBS), is retiring from his position at EBS. He hands over the management of the study to the well-known interim manager Siegfried Lettmann.

New Head of Studies of the Interim Executive Programme

After 14 years, Dr.-Ing. Jacques Reijniers hands over the management of the study to the Salzburg interim management expert Siegfried Lettmann. Lettmann takes over a wide range of tasks. First and foremost, the program should continue to evolve. The interim industry must be permanently on the ravages of time in order to be a good partner for the client companies even in the modern economic age with its many and rapid changes. Accordingly, the range of courses must be regularly updated, new topics integrated and the structure improved.

Lettmann was already on board as a consultant for EBS and DDIM representatives during the last major innovation. Lettmann’s membership in the DDIM and the DÖIM also accommodates him in terms of public relations work. Comprehensive contacts to all important participants in the industry need to be cultivated and expanded. The Interim Executive Programme is practically oriented to the actual market conditions and requirements. Another of its tasks will be to make the programme better known and thus gradually increase the number of participants slightly.

Siegfried Lettmann and EBS

Lettmann has been a teacher at EBS for some time. Up to now he has mainly taught the acquisition of mandates, in the future he will also be responsible for the evaluation of the final theses and the awarding of the coveted certificates. Lettmann is responsible for the introductory and final phases of the courses and for the conceptual and content development of the programme. Dr. Reijniers is convinced that Siegfried Lettmann is the right candidate for the important position of Head of Studies. He made this decision together with the management. “But there are actually many reasons that speak for Mr. Lettmann. The fact that he is a real expert and an undisputed expert in his field. But it was also important to us that Mr. Lettmann had a true enthusiasm for his field and for the entire industry. We needed someone who was right in the middle of the business,” said Dr. Reijniers. And he continues: “In addition, Mr. Lettmann is very well known on the market. Remember that he has only recently received three top-class awards for his work. By no means everyone manages that. Mr. Lettmann has a very great added value for his customers. And, as already mentioned, his enthusiasm not only plays an important role for the profession itself, but also for its further development. In addition to the national umbrella organisations, he has also been associated with EBS for many years and, apart from his teaching activities there, has always been a true ambassador of the subject. I have previously spoken of structural innovations in the course: Here, too, Mr Lettmann was involved earlier and was always a valuable project member. He is the right choice, there is no doubt about it”.

Quality in interim management decisive for companies

Lettmann explains that his appointment as head of studies is a great honour for him. He wants to use his new position to further strengthen the quality promise of the industry. “More and more providers are calling themselves interim managers, which is also due to the fact that the term is not protected. This creates a confusing impression with customers. It is not always easy to recognise professional providers. Institutions such as EBS or the national umbrella organisations do important work in this area by setting visible characteristics for high-quality providers. In doing so, they structure the range of services, which would otherwise be difficult to grasp, and help to make quality visible to outsiders as well. My aim is to make interim management an even safer and higher quality service for our clients”. He will take over the position of Head of Studies for the Interim Executive Programme at the beginning of 2019.

Germany’s oldest private university: EBS

The renowned and recognised EBS in Oestrich-Winkel has existed since 1971 and is currently the only university to offer an Interim Executive Programme among many other courses in business and law. More than 2,000 specialists and executives with an international economic background study at the university. The Interim Executive Programme, which is scheduled once a year, is now in its 14th year and around 120 interim managers have completed the high-quality course. The programme focuses on interim managers who are in the start-up phase of this employment and who are therefore not only interested in personal development, but also in the development of their own personal skills.

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