Entrepreneurial action: As interim manager for business development in family businesses – responsible and at eye level, successful and future-proof.

I am an experienced interim manager at executive level with a focus on business development in family businesses. As managing or division manager, I temporarily lead the company or the sales and marketing divisions as well as product management – also in an international context.

I differentiate myself through experience, quality and methods – and I can prove this: extensive practical and management experience (e.g. Miele, Kärcher, many mandates), high quality (Interim Manager of the Year, Interim Management Excellence Award and multiple winner of the CONSTANTINUS business award, outstanding customer references) and certified method security (Certified Management Consultant, certified project manager according to PRINCE2, certified Change Manager according to PROSCI).

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Transformation in Vertrieb und Marketing: digitalisieren | innovieren | wachsen

From practice for practice: My experience for your success.

I have 25 years of practical and management experience in international sales and marketing, including management positions in global corporations such as Miele or Kärcher, in the electrical, metal and mechanical engineering industries as well as in the ancillary construction sector.

REFERENCES MEIKO MEIKO is a leading supplier of commercial washing, cleaning and disinfection technology, a recognized quality leader (one of the two world market leaders) and a very innovative company. REFERENCES Sihga SIHGA GmbH, based in Gmunden, Austria, is a system provider for fastening technologies in wood construction, especially for wooden terraces, wooden facades and structural wood construction. In this segment SIHGA has established itself as an innovation and quality leader, especially in the Austrian market.

What makes me special? Let’s ask my customers.

I think and act as if your company were mine, I run it as you do as a family entrepreneur yourself. My approach, work and results for and in family businesses have already received several awards from renwoned neutral bodies. I am proud of that. However, the positive voices of my former clients are the greatest praise.


Siegfried Lettmann has fully confirmed the trust placed in him. I am glad that he was here, his commitment took a lot of work off my hands.


Siegfried Lettmann is a very dedicated and focused Manager. I especially appreciate his comprehensive management and leadership skills combined with a good understanding of consumer behaviour and consumer centric sales approaches. He is a strong networker and very open minded when it comes to find windows of opportunities.


It is to the credit of Interim Manager Mr. Lettmann that, despite the enormous changes in the company, we have achieved and even exceeded the planned sales and earnings targets without any cutbacks.

Jane-Beryl Simmer, Managing Partner SIHGA GmbH

Siegfried Lettmann’s on-the-job coaching was in any case much more valuable and target-oriented than the usual personnel development measures.

Ich wünsche eine kostenlose Telefonberatung zum Thema Interim Management

Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt zu mir auf. Hier sind meine Kontaktdaten:

    Use me and my knowledge to ensure the success of your company!

    Following my values, I lead according to the situation, taking into account my task, the specific company situation and the cultural circumstances. In doing so, I take a very target-oriented approach, place emphasis on mutual trust, create clear responsibilities and thus unlock potential in the company. I ensure clear relationships and structures, promote organization, give employees orientation and thus bring security into the company.

    I invest in my further training – and thus also in your company. Because you benefit from the latest methods and expertise, which, coupled with my experience, can be transferred to you, your employees and your company in the long term.

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    Interim Manager Siegfried Lettmann with focus on business development in family businesses


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