Siegfried Lettmann takes over the management of studies at the European Business School

Jacques Reijniers, the renowned head of the Interim Executive Program at European Business School (EBS), is retiring from his position at EBS. He hands over the management of the study to the well-known interim manager Siegfried Lettmann.

New Head of Studies of the Interim Executive Programme

After 14 years, Dr.-Ing. Jacques Reijniers hands over the management of the study to the Salzburg interim management expert Siegfried Lettmann. Lettmann takes over a wide range of tasks. First and foremost, the program should continue to evolve. The interim industry must be permanently on the ravages of time in order to be a good partner for the client companies even in the modern economic age with its many and rapid changes. Accordingly, the range of courses must be regularly updated, new topics integrated and the structure improved.

Lettmann was already on board as a consultant for EBS and DDIM representatives during the last major innovation. Lettmann’s membership in the DDIM and the DÖIM also accommodates him […]