With the Interim Management Excellence Award, the umbrella organisation for German Interim Management (DDIM) is awarding a new prize to promote quality in interim management and increase market transparency through this visible proof of quality. It has now been awarded for the first time to best-practice projects and particularly professional mandates.

The “Interim Management Excellence Award

Although interim management is now recognizably in the middle of the corporate world and it is hard to imagine modern management discourse without it, the market is still somewhat opaque for many companies. Awards are therefore an important signal that makes high-quality interim managers recognisable and thus sets clear signals to the outside world. The “Interim Management Excellence Award” was presented for the first time on 10 November at the 14th annual DDIM Congress in Düsseldorf.

Prizewinner Siegfried Lettmann

“In recognition of an outstanding mandate”, as DDIM CEO Dr. Marei Strack put it, the Interim Manager Siegfried Lettmann from Salzburg received the award. His mandate “Transformation of a sales organization” for the Offenburg mechanical engineering company and hidden champion MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG was particularly enthusiastic about the complexity of its content. He implemented three change projects for MEIKO at the same time – each of them with good success. “The mandate consisted above all of aligning an organically grown company with a long tradition to the current challenges of the market,” explains Lettmann, who will also be the new head of the “Interim Executive Programme” at EBS from 2019. That was a lot of work. As an independent interim manager, Lettmann was responsible for decentralising sales and responsibility structures, developed and introduced international customer segment management and trained new sales managers.

Interim Management: Key service for modern entrepreneurship

With hundreds of participants and a multi-faceted programme that lasted two whole days, the DDIM Congress impressively demonstrated the development of the industry in recent years. Interim Management keeps experts from a wide range of company divisions and specialist areas in stock and gives companies scope for action that would be impossible without external support. The service providers, formerly regarded as crisis fire brigades, are now primarily concerned with ensuring that companies can seize opportunities and tap new potential. From sales and marketing to HR topics, there are deserving experts for all areas of employment who come to companies on a temporary basis, fulfil their assignments and leave behind strengthened, more efficient structures and sustainable companies after their departure.

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